Covid: nowa fala w Europie Wschodniej.


Few vaccinated in Bulgaria and Romania

On the pandemic front, while China cancels the Beijing Marathon on October 31, due to an outbreak caused by tourists, the number of cases and deaths in Eastern Europe is increasing.

In Romania, vaccination passes for public spaces from today, and in Russia from October 30 to November 7, a ban on work, while in Austria, a green pass for Italian from November 1, also for work

Alessandro Di Bussolo – Vatican

With the onset of winter, Covid-19 has raised its head in Eastern Europe: Romania has between 15,000 and 20,000 new infections a day, full intensive care and patients being sent abroad, such as to neighboring Hungary. In and around Bucharest, the virus has killed an average of one person every 5 minutes over the past month.

The Romanian government has therefore decided to return to the curfew and the new strict restrictive measures in force from October 25, with the necessity of vaccination passes in most public places.

Bulgaria is also thinking about sending the sick abroad

  • Bulgaria is at the bottom of the European Union in terms of vaccination rate, around 30 percent. In turn, the Sofia government has announced that it intends to send Covid-19 patients abroad.
  • “Our medical staff and ventilator capacities are almost exhausted, we will have to seek help outside the country if the infection curve does not decrease within 10-15 days,” said Bulgarian Health Minister Stoycho Katsarov.

Cases are increasing in the Balkans and Russia

The pandemic is also recovering in the Balkans: in Serbia, where only half of the population is vaccinated, in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Latvia is closed until November 21, with a death record in Russia, where work nationwide will be suspended from October 30 to November 7, while Moscow closes bars, shops, schools and restaurants from October 28 for nine days.

Austria, blockade only possible for unvaccinated people

Meanwhile, in Austria, the Italian green pass will be accepted for work in a week, but if the number of places in intensive care increases, quick swabs will no longer be sufficient for the unvaccinated: a selective block will be activated for them.

“We are about to fall into a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” said Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg. “Most ICU patients are not vaccinated against Covid-19: for these people it must be clear that they have a great responsibility, we have too many procrastinating and undecided, too many to whom failed to vaccinate. Get vaccinated! ”.

Austria, blockade only possible for unvaccinated peopleGreat Britain in the face of the “winter plan”, with masks

London could also go back and implement a winter plan that would include high-risk vaccination passports and the use of masks. Infections in the UK fell below 40,000 yesterday, but hospital doctors warned that many surgeries had already been canceled due to a lack of staff.

There are no marathons in China to save the Winter Olympics

Finally, in China, 30,000 runners scheduled for the Beijing marathon, postponed until further notice after the Wuhan marathon, will not run. After an outbreak identified yesterday, with 39 cases caused by an infection that started with tourists, it doesn’t feel like exposing itself to the risk of new flare-ups, just over 100 days ahead of the Winter Olympics.


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