From 1 June 2022, the Green Pass or other equivalent certification is no longer required for entry / return to Italy from abroad.

For more information In-depth analysis of ViaggiareSicuri.

The compatriots who are about to leave for abroad are reminded that the countries of destination may continue to adopt restrictive legislation for entry from abroad. It is recommended to consult the notices highlighted on this site for information on the measures adopted in the destination countries.

All those who intend to travel abroad, regardless of the destination and the reasons for the trip, must consider that any movement may still involve a health risk or in any case connected to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is therefore recommended to carefully plan every aspect of the trip, also contemplating the possibility of having to spend an additional period abroad, as well as having health insurance that also covers the risks associated with COVID-19.

  • 15.06.2022
  • COVID-19. Update

Starting from April 6, 2022, for those who enter Slovakia, the obligation to register on the website and the rule that imposes mandatory home isolation, if you do not have a certificate, cease complete vaccination or recovery from COVID-19.

Starting from April 21, 2022, it will remain mandatory to wear FFP2 protective equipment only in hospitals and nursing homes (except for children under the age of six).
Slovakia issues and recognizes EU digital Covid certificates.For information on the restrictions adopted at local level, please refer to the health section of this sheet.

Over 10,800 cases of suspected adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines have been reported in Slovakia. This issue covers all the adverse health effects potentially due to the administration of one of the vaccines in use in Slovakia since the start of the coronavirus vaccination campaign at the end of 2020.

  1. The State Institute for Medicines Supervision (ŠUKL) has published the latest updated data on its website, explaining that 1,547 of these cases were serious.
  2. Seven deaths with causal links to vaccination have been recorded so far in Slovakia, which in four cases are referred to as “possible” links and in the other three cases “probable”.

Overall, more than 6 million doses of an approved vaccine against COVID-19 have been administered in the country including first, second and third booster doses. Thus in Slovakia 1.8 out of a thousand people were subjected to suspected adverse reactions for the vaccine, ie 0.18% of the total.

The situation of the infections

  • Slovakia is experiencing the height of the pandemic wave caused by the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.
  • The head of the Institute of Health Analysis Matej Mišík explained Wednesday, saying that the first signs of stabilization or even a decline in the number of new cases have been registered.

The situation of the infectionsThe share of school staff and students who tested positive compared to last week also seems to be attenuating, but a large number of people are still positive for the test for COVID-19 and the number of hospitalized patients with confirmed diagnoses is over 2,500, a number that is increasing compared to to a week earlier.

Meanwhile, on the last day, 17,536 PCR swabs were positive, 56% of the total of 31,179 molecular tests analyzed, while another 2,233 subjects had a positive antigen test, more than 11% of those performed.

The largest number of positive RT-PCR tests were in the Košice region, the fewest in the Banská Bystrica region. The National Health Information Center also notified another 22 victims yesterday, for a total of 18,201 deaths attributed to COVID-19.


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