How to ensure that a vaccine can also be effective against other future coronavirus epidemics?


“Our vaccine will protect people from the current coronavirus pandemic and future onesâ € œ. Matti Is testing a COVID-19 vaccine that may also protect against other coronaviruses Location: Sweden, Stockholm.

With COVID-19 on the front page for three months

Beyond when the confinement ends, the real question to ask is:

Professor Matti Sällberg has been trying to answer you since early April, when his team received EU funding under the OPENCORONA project. “The concept of our vaccine is unique. Unlike the vast majority of clinical trials that focus only on protein S, our treatment also contains other proteins, less characteristic of COVID-19.

The idea is to be ready. for the future, “he explains. Phase 1 of the trial is already planned and will be held at the Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden. The Karolinska Institute has received 3 million euros from the EU for research within the OPENCORONA project.

Natassia, Sweden. It offers immigrants the opportunity to learn Swedish through video chat with volunteers Natassia.

“Language Buddy Online has already connected 2 100 people learning Swedish across the country.”Natassia Offers immigrants the opportunity to learn Swedish through video chat with volunteers Location: Sweden, Stockholm

Since 2013, the NGO Kompis Sverige (The Swedish Friend) has connected over 19 500 new residents to Swedish communities through social activities, seminars and its “Language Buddy Online” program.

The initiative was born from the awareness that, due to the pandemic, immigrants who study Swedish have seen a large part of their social life disappear.

In less than 48 hours, the NGO found a solution in the form of a new online program. “People who are learning Swedish are matched with someone who speaks it fluently, so they meet and get to know each other through video calls.

The aim is to provide better language training and to alleviate the difficulties of social isolation for all of them “, says Natassia, co-founder of Kompis Sverige. People can sign up on the dedicated website to be matched with their new friends and so far more than 3,000 people have signed up.

  • Edward, Sweden. He works as a traveling barber in a van in front of Stockholm’s largest hospitalEdward
  • “I realized this was my chance to repay the community â € œEdward Works as a traveling barber in a van in front of the largest hospital in Stockholm Location: Sweden, Stockholm

Sometimes wearing a protective mask can be uncomfortable.

Especially for medical staff who work long shifts and don’t have time to shave. In this case the mask does not adhere well to the skin and can cause irritation.

Sometimes wearing a protective mask can be uncomfortable.A client nurse talks about the problem with Al, the owner of Honest Al’s Barbershop in Stockholm, who decides to find a solution. He parks the barber’s van in front of the hospital to shave the staff for free.

“It’s not just a shave, it’s a quiet moment that allows these people to relax after spending all day in a war zone. That moment dedicated to oneself makes all the difference,” explains Al. It was so well received that Al had to call on the services of a competing barber to offer the same service at another hospital.

“This story has brought us closer, and now we are planning to open a new store together! All of this serves to demonstrate how solidarity and joy can transform our relationships with others.”


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